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Feminist Geography Tour with Prof Altha Cravey

This afternoon my students in WMST 202: Feminist Thought and I had the great fortune to take a feminist geography tour of UNC's campus with Prof Altha Cravey, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography. To prepare for the tour, I asked students to read Cravey and Michael Petit's 2012 art…

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Militarization and Latina/o Literature

After a brief hiatus from teaching my militarization course, I'm back at it and absolutely loving it! When I moved to UNC about 4 years ago I developed a course based closely on my own area of research, U.S. Latina/o cultural responses to U.S. military intervention in the 20th and 21st centuries. I …

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Fall 2014 Classes

Students in WMST 233 posing for a picture with Maya Chinchilla's debut collection.

This semester I'm teaching two classes, WMST 101: Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies and WMST 233: Introduction to Latina Feminist Literature.

The latter course is a seminar of 24 students and is a c…

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