Welcome to the personal website of Ariana E. Vigil
You can find information about my professional work as well as keep up with what I'm reading. On the blog you'll also find musings on the topics of interest to me - including U.S. Latina/o identity, culture, and politics, veganism, Zionism and Israeli-Palestinian politics, and, of course, food!

New book

Current Research and Fellowships

I am currently a Faculty Fellow at the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at UNC-CH. I will be a fellow for the Spring 2018 semester. Information about Faculty Fellowships: https://iah.unc.edu/faculty-resources/apply-for-a-fellowship/iah-faculty-fellowships/

I recently completed a Research Fellow with the Latino Research Initiative at the University of Texas at Austin. During the Fall 2017 semester I was in residence at UT working on a new book project.

Entitled Public Negotiations: Gender and Journalism in Latina/o Literature, this book is an examination of depictions of journalism and journalists in contemporary Latina/o literature, including novels and plays by Chicana/o, Guatemalan-American and Cuban-American authors. The manuscript argues that Latina/o texts have used the figure of the Latina/o journalist to invoke, contest, and problematize the Latina/o public sphere. Utilizing an intersectional and interdisciplinary perspective, I demonstrate the important role of gender and as well as how focusing on how texts and characters negotiate the boundaries and possibilities of a Latina/o public sphere allows us to consider the race, sex, gender, and ethnic iterations of publics and counterpublics.

You can read a more detailed description of the project here.

As part of my fellowship, I participated in in the Jovita González Memorial Lecture in the Arts and Humanities, joined by the 2017-2018 Carlos E. Castañeda Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Mexican American Studies, Dr. Rebeca L. Hey-Colón. A description of the lecture can be found here.

Read more about Dr. Hey-Colón and her research.

Applications for next year's Fellowship with the Latino Research Initiative is open; as is the position for the Castañeda Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Student Interview

This article, based on an interview by UNC undergraduate Verónica Aguilar in Fall 2016 and published in the Carolina Latina/o Collaborative newsletter, is a great introduction to my past and present research.